MISSION STATEMENT                                                                                   

What are the goals of the Fishin' Mission Foundation?

The Fishin' Mission Foundation's goal is to raise money, through the contributions of it's members as well as the contributions of others, for assistance with a variety of needs in the community of Bridgeport, California.

The FMF will identify various needs through the activities of it's members and interaction with the local community.

Those needs will be prioritized based on a vote of the members, and any distribution of funds will be
made based on those priorities and the availability of funds for distribution.

The initial focus of the FMF will be related to scholarships and fish enhancement projects, but as we
raise more funds our ability to expand our assistance will increase proportionately.

In small communities like Bridgeport, access to this type of funding is usually very limited, and we will strive
to build trust and support, and to provide financial assistance, wherever we can.