ABOUT US                                                                                                       
What is the Fishin' Mission Foundation?

Back in June of 1974, there were four young men from Southern California who worked together at the same company.  They were always talking about their summer vacation plans, and in 1974 they decided to take a trip together.  They planned a fishing trip to the High Sierra’s and chose Twin Lakes (Mono Village Campground), just twelve miles outside of Bridgeport, California, as their “base camp”.  They stayed for a week and spent a lot of time fishing, and a lot of time relaxing, and a lot of time patronizing the various establishments in the Bridgeport community.


The trip was a success, and when these young men went back to work and told their friends of the good time they had, several of their friends decided to accompany them on the trip the following year...still in June, still to Bridgeport, California, and still for the camaraderie, the fishing, and the fun!


It was the same every year...the first week of June, in Bridgeport, for fishing and fun!  The group grew in numbers and they even ended up naming themselves:  The Fishin’ Mission!  That small group of friends has now grown to nearly one hundred members, who now reside in five different states, and nearly fifty members attend each year!


Over the years they helped raise funds to keep the local Bridgeport Hospital open, and had various fund raising events for national organizations such as the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and the Multiple Sclerosis Association.  During that time, the group raised nearly $25,000 for various charitable organizations! 


In June of 2008 they came to Bridgeport again, this time to celebrate their 35th Annual Fishin’ Mission Extravaganza!  To commemorate that occasion, and to recognize the community that had embraced them for the past 35 years, the Fishin’ Mission decided to establish their own foundation, one that would be focused on providing financial support to help meet the needs of the Bridgeport community.


Leveraging the business acumen of our various members, with a focus on giving back to the community that has given so much to us, we are proud to present the Fishin’ Mission Foundation Inc!


Our Board Members:


  • Gary Walker - President

    Mr. Walker is currently a Vice President at Bank of America Merchant Services and has
    held various professional positions over the past thirty-five years in the financial services
    industry, with focus on technology and payment processing.  He has previously held a
    board position with the Cerebral Palsy Association of Sacramento, California and has held
    several leadership roles in various United Way programs.  His professional experience,
    combined with his fund raising experience, will be an asset to the fund raising activities
    of the Fishin' Mission Foundation.

  • Jim Reid - Vice President

    Mr. Reid is currently the owner of Ken's Sporting Goods in Bridgeport, California,
    and has lived in Bridgeport since 1972.  He has been involved in business since his 
    family purchased a local restaurant in 1986.  Over the next 20 years he went
    from working to managing the restaurant, and subsequently this experience enabled
    him to purchase Ken's Sporting Goods.  He is a past president of the local Ducks
    Unlimited chapter, past president and current member of the Bridgeport Chamber of
    Commerce, member of the Bridgeport Gun Club, past fire fighter and current
    Commissioner of the Bridgeport Volunteer Fire Department, and board member
    of the Bridgeport Fish Enhancement Foundation.  His knowledge of the local area
    and its citizens will be a great resource and will be very helpful to the the Fishin'
    Mission Foundation in regards to appropriate fund utilization, and in the decision
    making process.

  • Carmine DeCicco - Treasurer

    Mr. DeCicco works as a Vice President and Commercial Banker for a community bank
    in northern California and has worked in the banking industry for over forty years.  In 
    addition to daily work responsibilities, he is presently on four non-profit boards of directors
    and participates in fundraising activities for two Chambers of Commerce.  Re-investing
    personal resources of time, energy, and leadership, is an important part of his commitment
    to giving back to those things, and places, that he feels have given so much to him.

  • Toni Ruggle - Secretary

    Mr. Ruggle is the current manager of California Water Service Company in Oroville, California,
    and has been with Cal Water for 28 years.  He is a past president of the Kiwanis Club and
    currently serves as a board member.  He attended Chico State University where he competed
    in Track & Cross Country and served as team captain.  He continues to run for a club that
    develops post-collegiate athletes.  His years of service, hard work, and giving back to organizations
    and his community will enable him to work hard for the Fishin' Mission Foundation.